hi guys!

sorry it's been so quiet around here! it's partly due to the fact that i was a little lazy, and a little busy and Pax a little (actually a  v e r y) sick! let me see where we left off... christmas! ha! feels like so long ago now! 

christmas. Pax woke up sick unfortunately. i wasn't really sure if it was anything serious or just a cold because he had times of being just happy and other times he was pretty miserable. we celebrated a really nice christmas with friends and had  a m a z i n g  food but Pax got a fever as the day progressed and was diagnosed with an ear infection a day later. :( poor thing.. he still had some fun though. he was on antibiotics for the rest of the year 2016 and by the time it was new years I had food poisoned myself and celebrated the new year by sleeping for 20 hours straight! lol! luckily my husband took good care of Pax so i had nothing to worry about. he actually thought i was faking it at some point so he went to come check on me thinking i'd be on my phone doing instagram but when he found me still sleeping he believed it was serious! luckily i was back to my old self 48 hours later!

january. Pax continued feeling miserable in january and it turned out he got another ear infection while being on antibiotics so he went on different antibiotics. he basically was on antibiotics until the middle of january! i celebrated my birthday in between! no, just kidding, i didn't at all. hmm trying to think what else happened in january! oh! Pax got to shoot for Oeuf NYC's AW17 collection with photographer Molly Magnuson (thanks for being awesome!!) during a crazy snowstorm which was fun!:D it was actually amazing he wasn't sick for that but he did end up catching another ear infection a few days later and was on more antibiotics for the rest of the month!

february. Pax finished off his antibiotics for his 100th ear infection just to end up with strep throat about ten days later! yes i was ready to shoot myself. one random day i had nothing better to do than taking him for the doctors because he had a little rash on his legs. i didn't think anything off it! some might remember my insta story on this! ...maybe ill just post it here... but we went in and it turned out he had strep! i just wanted to cry i felt s o  bad for him!! a few days later we went to playtime in new york which was amazing! so much fun! but it deserves it's own post that i will finish up as soon as i have some more pictures! after playtime Pax got to shoot for

Kodomo's new look book with amazing photographer Jose Carlier and guess what happened a couple days later? he got diagnosed with a new case of strep throat!

Pax wearing bobo choses for  Kodomo . shot by  Jose Carlier

Pax wearing bobo choses for Kodomo. shot by Jose Carlier

...yes this bring us to today. still finishing up his meds and i'm praying, praying this is it for the year! i mean seriously it's only the beginning of march! i currently have him on probiotics twice a day in case anyone is concerned... hoping this will help him out a little! fingers crossed! any tips are appreciated!! you can leave comments on top of the posts ... i know very confusing i can't figure out how to get them under the actual post... but if you're commenting under this post you are actually commenting on my last post! ha! confused yet?!:D if anyone can help out with that issue you may comment on that (on top) as well lol!

anyways... i have a lot of stuff coming up like in interview with Kelli from Rylee + Cru and i am also  contributing monthly to Junior Style London from now on so keep your eyes peeled! i'm excited!! 

thanks for catching up with me! i promise you won't have to wait for three months for my next post but i bet you can understand why i haven't posted much... at least i kept up my insta!:)

till next time!




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holiday gift guide

hi everyone!

i love finding not only fun fashion but also fun toys and kid decor so i thought i would create a gift guide for all of you to share some of my favorites! there is no particular order here, i  l o v e  everything and some brands were so kind to offer you promo codes so keep your eyes peeled!:) let me know what you think of this adorable selection! click the headings for links to the actual products!

1.) brown xl lamp by mr. maria

mr. maria, the dutch design studio based in amsterdam, creates the most adorable lamps you will find out there! besides "brown" you can also find an adorable elephant, miffy, polar bear, kokeshi or smiley lamp. i opened this for a few quick pics for this blog and as you can tell Pax fell in love with it immediately! lots of kisses and hugs and i'll be interested to see his reaction when they reunite on christmas day!:) use code "pax" for 25% off your order until december 24th, 2016! 

2. astronaut duvet cover by snurk beddengoed  

snuck beddengoed yet another brand based in amsterdam creates the coolest bedding, pillows and pajamas. i think these fun designs are perfect for toddlers and older kids alike. i really, really wanted to get Pax the dino but i checked in with him several times and each time he was super scared of the dino so i chose the astronaut for him! he'll be ready to blast off to the moon soon! a personal favorite is the ballerina!! how sweet?!

3. hugo tan burnished monkey boots from munchkin et moi 

i fell in love with this little online boutique based out of san francisco because owner Nicola carries only the sweetest european shoes. seriously if you look at her collection of treasures you will fall in love too! and if you have a girl you're even luckier because this girl styles she has are swoon worthy! Pax has this pair of young soles from her boutique and a vela sneaker and he wears them all.the.time! he is such a shoe lover i had to include them in this guide and i am also super excited to be bringing you an amazing giveaway with munchkin et moi this coming tuesday! all the info will be send out to my blog subscribers on monday, december 12th!

4. the moon's birthday crib sheet by rookie humans 

this is not only a great christmas but also an amazing baby shower gift! rookie humans sells dreamy crib sheets that act as a backdrop to a story with your baby as protagonist. i love all their designs so, so much and i encourage you to check them out because I'm certain you'll love them! use code "pax" for 10% off your order!

5. the writer white by letterfolk 

i loved the look of these felt letter boards all over instagram and am so happy to have gotten one! guys these are actually so much fun!! i love using ours as message board for anything fun! the gift is perfect for anyone that loves being creative! unfortunately they're currently sold out due to their great black friday sale but be on the lookout for a restock! below you see Pax working on his wish list for santa that i imagine to look something like this...

6. avery clear pacifier clip by templeton silver 

here's a perfect stocking stuffer! templeton silver creates a huge variety of beaded pacifier clips that not only look nicer but are also more hygienic than other pacifier clips. no worries, they are not dangerous for little kids as they've gone through safety testing as you can read about on their webpage. from boyish, to girly, to plain or customized, templeton silver has such great variety it's easy to find something for every taste. now i saved the best for last... the clips actually turn into bracelets once your baby outgrows the pacifier stage! how fun is that?! and i'm not gonna lie... i picked mine based on what i'd wear as a bracelet lol sorry pax:D use code "pax" for 25% off your order at templeton silver!

6. mohagony explorer pack by the little design co 

the little design co is a dream for anyone that has a girl! they sell the sweetest little headbands, collars, dresses, bloomers and then there are these amazing little backpacks! they come in lots of different color variance and with floral inserts and bows for the girly girl. i love Paxton's so much! it's the softest, nicest leather...very thick too! it has adjustable buckles so he can wear it for a while! Pax, who is not into wearing backpacks at all does like to wear this one around so it won my heart! the great quality will make this an awesome hand-me-down someday! use code "pax" for 20% off your order!

7. reindeer and sleigh set by manny and simon 

manny and simon create beautiful eco-friendly wooden toys with wheels - any boys dream lol! but seriously they make super cute vehicles, animals and these adorable special reindeer and sleigh push toys! if you want to go big they also make great push carts in shape of cars and a nice wooden elephant rocker! these toys will definitely stand out in your kids room and seriously who doesn't love a green toy that's as much fun as it looks pretty?! personal favorites besides this super cute set are the fire truck, the loader and the alpaca push toy! use code "pax10" for 10% off

8. bamboo turkish towel poncho by house of jude 

house of jude has the softest and best smelling bamboo bath towels! after Pax got his i needed one for myself and my husband! i love these especially in the summer as they're very light weight! we brought Paxton's poncho to the beach all the time and he loved wearing it after playing in the water! even though this reminds more of a summer item i really needed to include it into this gift guide because really when do you ever treat yourself?! i am just trying to spread the word because i like these towels so much! check out the adult and baby versions as well as the blankets (which we own too) because everything is so, so good! use code "pax" for 10% off. these ship for  f r e e  worldwide!

ok that's it. to be honest i could go on and on because i know so many more unique brands that you guys would love but the list would get very long and chances are you've already looked at a bunch of different gift guides by now. however i would love to give more recommendations, so if you need anything more specific let me know and maybe i have a good idea!!

thanks for checking out all these small and talented brands and shops! give them a follow on their instagram to stay up to date!!

happy holidays! xo,


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party animals

oh happy day!

Pax turned two! he wasn't really able to enjoy his actual birthday because he woke up with 103.1 fever and we had to take him to the doctor later on. she tested for ear infection, strep throat and the flu :( all on his birthday! not fun!! he didn't have either, so just some virus but they want to do a chest x ray because of his constant coughing that i yet have to take him to. often i just feel like he doesn't need one and then he coughs super bad at night and i think to myself maybe he actually does. so anyways we didn't do much on his birthday because unfortunately he wasn't feeling great.

we just had his birthday party though and he had a blast!! i was so happy he got to enjoy himself so much even though he's still not over his cough and cold. because Paxton loves animals so much and we would've loved to do a party at a farm, we decided to bring the farm to us! turns out there are a lot of companies that drive around with a mini petting zoo. for his party i really didn't plan on doing a whole lot of decoration so i just did a few things to bring the farm feel into our place thanks to pintrest ideas!

i had told Pax that farm animals would come to his birthday party so the minute they arrived he wanted them all out of their cages, he was so excited. it was so sweet and i knew i chose the right theme for his little party. the farm brought 2 itty bitty baby piggies that were about the same size as the bunnies they brought! they also brought the littlest baby ducklings and a little older baby chicks that didn't look as cute because they were already growing real feathers and they were learning how to fly so they were rather wild. last but not least they brought two not so little goats, one of their names was Billy!:D 

Pax was so thrilled to have them at his house "wow goat!", he needed to show the bunny his room and we brought a pig on our bed in an attempt to take some pictures but I gave up on that quickly. he was super gentle petting all of them and he inspected the bunny thoroughly and pointed out his eyes and nose and ears to me. he even unfolded its ear crease to check it out and the bunny was the best! so calm! the ducklings were so adorable and tiny! there was one black one that Pax requested to see. Again, it was THE best! I loved seeing how much he was into it! Baloo had to rest in the bedroom because while he was fine with bunnies, ducks and pigs, the goats apparently freaked him out.

Pax had no bite of his birthday cake but ice cream instead :) He did not like us singing the happy birthday song but he's super into blowing out candles and he doesn't even spit while doing it!:D we literally did not get any good pics during his party at all...which means we had too much fun:) feel free to go through this slide of snapshots though!:)

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes on insta!!! You guys are the best!



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2 years in 2 days

hey guys!!

here are just few things about Pax that i'd like to remember because just 2 more days until our baby is 2! he felt like a 2 year old for a while now so i'm actually not so much in shock and rather exited about what's to come!! even though he will definitely be a kid with horrible tantrums (he started that a while ago) he is also so so smart and picks up on stuff super quick! it's fun having conversations with him about "pretty decorations" at our local bakery and whatever else he is concerned about. he makes friends quickly and i love seeing him interact with kids! he is extremely into shoes and whenever a stranger talks to him he never fails to make sure they notice either his shoes or his two cars he runs around with constantly. he loves thomas the train and could play with his train table and cars all day. i recently discovered that there is a thomas land not too far from us and i'm dying to take him but i'm thinking it'll be more fun in the spring when it's nicer out! not sure i can wait that long though haha.

sweater:  micaela greg , pants: gray label from  noble carriage , slippers:  hanna andersson

sweater: micaela greg, pants: gray label from noble carriage, slippers: hanna andersson

he likes painting pictures for dada...but just one at a time because he still really doesn't like being messy and usually by the time he finishes one picture, the table, his smock and everything else is too messy for him to continue lol. he is super proud to show his art work off though. he loves Baloo (our dog) so, so much and always makes sure he gets lots of walks...if he wants to or not ;) "take Baba walk, get leash" he says and off we go. anytime we go out and leave Baloo home, Pax makes sure Baloo goes in his dog bed which he calls a teepee (it's closed up shaped like an egg) and then he says "sorry Baba, sorry sorry" because we can't take him. :D whenever he has something new he always says "show Baba" and then he forces him to look at his booboos, new shoes, paintings, toys ... you name it lol! when he plays in his room he calls for him because he likes when he's around! they're really sweet together!

matching pajamas + slippers:   hanna andersson , bedding:  june & january

matching pajamas + slippers:  hanna andersson, bedding: june & january

pax is really good at matching games, he does any sort of shape puzzles quickly... i yet have to try a real puzzle with him! he knows pretty much all colors but often forgets red for some reason. I have heard him count to 10 by himself a total of three times but he will never ever do it when i ask him to. every single time he did it he was deep in thought and not interacting with me haha. he is great at building towers. he loves making pretend food and taking care of his baby. he memorizes books super easily even when we just borrow them from the library and can always finish the last sentence. he does not like riding his bike yet and just recently started getting more interested in his scooter. he prefers walking...or rather running over being put in the stroller. he is still very into sports. basketball and soccer are his favorites and he is actually really good at soccer :O ... he can pass super precise and handle the ball well, i can't wait to sign him up for a soccer class!

vest:  nununu , pants:  jax & hedley

vest: nununu, pants: jax & hedley

while he was a great eater when he was younger he's really not a good eater at the moment. i would say he likes fruit and bread and cookies the most but its hard getting anything else into him. oh how could i forget - s a u s a g e s - he could live off sausages! he's not really into pasta, he won't eat potatoes... he does prefer rice and sometimes he's into pizza. i sure hope he will get more into foods again! 

bomber jacket, shirt, jeans:  haus of jr , shoes:  akid brand

bomber jacket, shirt, jeans: haus of jr, shoes: akid brand

at the moment he is very possessive about things "mine, mine, mine" all day long. he is nice and will share when he has been asked nicely or if someone is sad :) but he has certain favorites that he will never share not even with me :O! he loves playing with dada as soon as he gets home from work. they play rough and he acts as if its the most fun he had all day. Pax likes going into stores, except the grocery store and lately has found the greatest fun in running away from me while laughing so hard that he keeps falling from laughing.. which is a good thing because he gets extremely fast these days and if he wouldn't be loud and falling i would've probably already lost him in target.

shirt + jeans:  beau hudson , shoes: vans

shirt + jeans: beau hudson, shoes: vans

at night he's quite the pain lately...instead of going to bed nicely he finds a million excuses not to sleep such as "need drink", "need car", "need socks", "need tissue" ... bed time drags out these days and i'm not liking it! i miss the days when i would just put him in the crib and he'd go to sleep on his own without requests. he also started waking up once a night again for no particular reason, he just wakes up and dada has to put him back down. he does not like sleeping in our bed and if we ever try he just rolls around. while he's potty trained (since he was 18months) he still wears diapers at night. i'm thinking about stopping that when our current diaper supply runs out but not sure.

shirt: burberry

shirt: burberry

ok that was a whole lot about pax and i doubt anyone will read all this or find it very interesting lol but needed to jot down a few of his milestones before he turns *2* i will probably remember more things after posting haha but i guess i'll just save them for another post!:)

thanks for reading!




bye october - hello november

hi november!

october is officially over but i wanted to share a few of my favorite fall pics. Paxton enjoyed the past month so much, we had mostly great weather and my mom and brother came to visit. It took him a while to warm up to them since he never sees them in real life (they live in Germany) and by the time he really enjoyed their company they had to leave. :( bittersweet but we had a great time together visiting the pumpkin patch, going to the farm twice because he fell in love with the baby cows :) and visiting NYC. 

my brother had never been to NYC so it was fun showing him around but also very exhausting. we ran up and down Manhattan for three days and I have no clue how Pax held up so well because he literally ran up and down the city by himself, which gave my mom great anxiety because she was non stop worried that I wasn't watching him and he'd run on the street. he's almost 2 so looks like I'm doing an ok job keeping him safe but thanks for trusting me mom. ;) Pax even got to go on the Empire State Building which was insanity and i will not repeat for a very, very long time because standing in line with a toddler for an hour and a half and one big hot room was torture! i was so ready to give up since I've been up there a couple of times anyways but i needed my brother to see it so we waited it out.

jacket: moncler, pants: tinycottons from  a gifted baby  and shoes: young soles london from  munchkin et moi

jacket: moncler, pants: tinycottons from a gifted baby and shoes: young soles london from munchkin et moi

of course we finished off october with an amazing halloween night! after practicing trick or treating in our kitchen for two straight weeks with a lot of german candy :) Pax was well prepared for halloween night. he did a great job saying 'trick or treat' and 'thank you' in the beginning but as the night progressed he skipped all that and went straight for the candy and on to the next house haha. the next morning i  h a d  to do the Jimmy Kimmel halloween prank to him lol but he was too sweet to care lol watch the video here!:)

oeuf sweater from  baby swag , tights by tinycottons, shoes: young soles london from  munchkin et moi

oeuf sweater from baby swag, tights by tinycottons, shoes: young soles london from munchkin et moi

this was a real pumpkin weighing over 1000lbs!

this was a real pumpkin weighing over 1000lbs!

sorry for finishing this post so late! hope we will have a warm november!! not ready for cold weather *-*




diy magnetic chalk board wall

hi hi!

a few weeks ago we finally made Pax a magnetic chalkboard wall which i've been meaning to do for a while. i had done a magnetic wall before which didn't work well at all so this time i wanted to make sure it was going to work. 

first i taped off the area i wanted to paint. i did a house shape because his little kitchen goes right in front of it.

mini rodini dino romper from  noble carriage

mini rodini dino romper from noble carriage

then i started with the magnetic paint. it smells horrible so Pax had to leave the room and couldn't even nap in there that day.

i did 7 (!!!) layers of magnetic paint while blow drying the wall in between so i wouldn't have to wait forever.

after the last layer was dried i did three layers of charcoal paint which luckily didn't smell. i took off the tape immediately after i was done painting. the little streaks you see on the wall happened because Sterling decided to do one layer while i put Pax down for his nap and he accidentally painted over the tape -.- (thanks babe). nice surprise right?! lol i was like seriously what just happened i was gone for 5 minutes!

afterwards i waited for two days and then rubbed the entire wall with chalk. at this point Pax was very eager to test out his new wall!

akid brand shirt from  kodomo boston  and mini rodini pants from  baby swag

akid brand shirt from kodomo boston and mini rodini pants from baby swag

i left the chalk on for like two minutes and then let Pax wipe it off with a wet paper towel and it was finally done!

he LOVES it!! i yet have to add a shelf for all his kitchen stuff and then it'll be complete. i got him some vehicle magnets from melissa&doug that he loves and also made some sticky 9 magnets he enjoys! the magnets hold well and i could easily hang up pictures if i wanted to.

making a magnetic chalkboard wall was definitely worth it! if you've been contemplating about doing one i would say - just do it!! you will enjoy!! obviously you could also do either or but i figured doing both (magnetic and chalkboard) in one will give me more options later.

good luck!!




fun farm friday (it really was a wednesday)

hi guys!!

Pax is a total mama's boy but he loves, loves, loves playing wild with his papa! he can't wait for him to get home after work and doesn't waste anytime when he does. immediately he demands him in his room "dada come play in Pax room" followed by "come on dada" if he doesn't react immediately and then it's time for his little basketball routine. he barely ever plays basketball with me, he rather waits for dada because he's much more fun. he commentates on all of Pax's moves "Paxton Beau has the ball, he dribbles, 360 and DUNK" and Pax requests "play defense" and so he does and they play until it's bedtime. He loves having me in the room though to cheer him on and Baloo (our dog) needs to be locked in the room as well, if he wants to or not, he has no choice lol. Pax likes making sure we are all together. 

whenever Sterling doesn't have to work we love finding and taking Pax to fun places because he's so appreciative, happy and excited, it's really fun. The other day we took him to the most fun farm around and he had a blast! they've build the cutest little wooden houses for the kids to play in that are elevated and connect to a tunnel slide that Pax gets the biggest thrill from. i'm kinda scared of the slide so its perfect for dada. :D they probably slide down it 25 times per visit, that's how much he loves it! 

see my husband's face?! that's why i don't like the slide hahaha

see my husband's face?! that's why i don't like the slide hahaha

they've huge tires that kids can walk/roll in, a bunch of cute tire swings in shape of horses, tractor rides, pig races (we yet have to see one) and a ton of little stands where you can get roasted marshmallows and the usual farm stuff. they also have the most fun and huge bouncing pillows that serve perfectly as a work out!:) we had SO much fun on these but i can imagine it being crazy on a busy day (i can see kids flying off and bouncing into each other lol). that particular day we had it almost to ourselves though. it was awesome.

and then there's this big play area with tricycles, slides, water pumps, hay stacks, a mini maze aaand TRUCKS. he could play in this sandbox full of trucks literally all day long!

how cute is this baby maze?! he loved running back and forth through it

how cute is this baby maze?! he loved running back and forth through it

wouldn't be a farm without animals! they've bunnies, ducklings, chicks, goats, sheep, donkeys and pigs. Pax of course loved seeing them all but he is somewhat scared of farm animals, yet he doesn't want to leave them. it's a weird mix lol. he likes to just communicate with them "baaa"! this time he was brave enough to touch the goats though. 

anyways, I just wanted to share all of these cute pics and what we like to do as a family! you can tell he loves spending some good quality time with papa but when it comes down to it i'm still his favorite :D hahaha and whenever Pax shows that Sterling warns him that there will be another baby sometime. :D




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welcome to our blog!

hi and welcome!!

first of, thank you so, so much for visiting my page (it'll be a work in progress)! i've been contemplating to start a blog for the longest time, way before Pax was born, and finally decided to give it a shot. i yet have to figure out what my blog will be all about but you can most likely expect lots of Pax stories, kids fashion, product reviews and diy projects because those i'll gladly share! you will not find any cooking recipes on here ever because i don't cook. ever. (no worries Pax is being fed) if it wasn't for my husband, Sterling, i would've starved to death by now. thank god he's a good cook ;p

here's a little about myself.. first of, i'm Larissa, mom to Pax, our pomeranian Baloo, stepmom to our pomeranian, Kobe, who decided to move out (that's another story) and wife to Sterling. i'm originally from berlin, germany (use this as excuse for any english language mistake i make). my whole family is in germany. i came over here as an au pair (it's like a live in nanny exchange program) when i was 19 because i really wanted to stay in the US for a while and that was simply the easiest way to do so. i was supposed to stay for a year. i lived with a wonderful family that's very dear to my heart and instead of staying for one year i stayed for three, started studying (marketing), met sterling, got engaged and eventually married and stayed forever. it was not planned but worked out quite nicely...if only my whole family would decide to move over as well! i have three younger siblings that would all make great aunts and uncles to Pax if they were only available to babysit. :D

i speak german to Pax... not as much as i should but i'm trying! for some reason it's weird to me to speak german with him in public and i keep switching back to english. i just have to get over it and speak german non stop because i really want him to learn it. he will repeat anything i say in german but anything he says on his own is in english. Sterling speaks haitian creole to him so he is bombarded with three different languages. Sterling moved to the US when he was 16! despite all the languages Pax does speak a ton which is great because i always heard that kids that grow up learning several languages start talking later. not Pax, he has always been very talkative! so fun! he clearly said "hi" back when he was just two months old!!... i somehow trailed off the subject and ended up talking about Pax. what's new lol ...he's the center of attention here anyways so it was only a matter of time he would interrupt!;)

Pax, we love him so very much! he literally rules our world! i didn't want a baby for the longest because i was so scared of giving birth. Once we decided to have a baby it wasn't happening easily and when we were about to give up, i got pregnant. i think i will save this story for another post but we had Paxton's name set long before we knew we had a boy and even before we got pregnant. i never had a girl's name so i guess i was destined to have this little guy! only thing is, everyone thinks he's a girl haha. yes i agree sometimes he's dressed rather girly but don't forget i'm european so not everything you see as girly is super girly to me. also i tried many different styles and people think he's a girl no matter what. it's funny to me because i don't see it, but if you'd walk around with us you would notice that 80% (used to be 99.9% before his haircut) of people believe he's a girl. we don't mind it's a great compliment in our opinion lol.

Please subscribe to my blog on top of this page, so you don't miss out on new posts. the reason i really would love for you to subscribe is, so that i know i'm not talking to myself on here lol. feel free to leave comments on anything you'd like me to write about as well. oh and btw that address that shows up when subscribing is obviously not our real address but they forced me to leave one. just fyi you won't find us over there :D! 

thank you!!


photo by A. Rambaud

photo by A. Rambaud

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