hi hi!

a few weeks ago we finally made Pax a magnetic chalkboard wall which i've been meaning to do for a while. i had done a magnetic wall before which didn't work well at all so this time i wanted to make sure it was going to work. 

first i taped off the area i wanted to paint. i did a house shape because his little kitchen goes right in front of it.

mini rodini dino romper from  noble carriage

mini rodini dino romper from noble carriage

then i started with the magnetic paint. it smells horrible so Pax had to leave the room and couldn't even nap in there that day.

i did 7 (!!!) layers of magnetic paint while blow drying the wall in between so i wouldn't have to wait forever.

after the last layer was dried i did three layers of charcoal paint which luckily didn't smell. i took off the tape immediately after i was done painting. the little streaks you see on the wall happened because Sterling decided to do one layer while i put Pax down for his nap and he accidentally painted over the tape -.- (thanks babe). nice surprise right?! lol i was like seriously what just happened i was gone for 5 minutes!

afterwards i waited for two days and then rubbed the entire wall with chalk. at this point Pax was very eager to test out his new wall!

akid brand shirt from  kodomo boston  and mini rodini pants from  baby swag

akid brand shirt from kodomo boston and mini rodini pants from baby swag

i left the chalk on for like two minutes and then let Pax wipe it off with a wet paper towel and it was finally done!

he LOVES it!! i yet have to add a shelf for all his kitchen stuff and then it'll be complete. i got him some vehicle magnets from melissa&doug that he loves and also made some sticky 9 magnets he enjoys! the magnets hold well and i could easily hang up pictures if i wanted to.

making a magnetic chalkboard wall was definitely worth it! if you've been contemplating about doing one i would say - just do it!! you will enjoy!! obviously you could also do either or but i figured doing both (magnetic and chalkboard) in one will give me more options later.

good luck!!