hey guys!!

here are just few things about Pax that i'd like to remember because just 2 more days until our baby is 2! he felt like a 2 year old for a while now so i'm actually not so much in shock and rather exited about what's to come!! even though he will definitely be a kid with horrible tantrums (he started that a while ago) he is also so so smart and picks up on stuff super quick! it's fun having conversations with him about "pretty decorations" at our local bakery and whatever else he is concerned about. he makes friends quickly and i love seeing him interact with kids! he is extremely into shoes and whenever a stranger talks to him he never fails to make sure they notice either his shoes or his two cars he runs around with constantly. he loves thomas the train and could play with his train table and cars all day. i recently discovered that there is a thomas land not too far from us and i'm dying to take him but i'm thinking it'll be more fun in the spring when it's nicer out! not sure i can wait that long though haha.

sweater:  micaela greg , pants: gray label from  noble carriage , slippers:  hanna andersson

sweater: micaela greg, pants: gray label from noble carriage, slippers: hanna andersson

he likes painting pictures for dada...but just one at a time because he still really doesn't like being messy and usually by the time he finishes one picture, the table, his smock and everything else is too messy for him to continue lol. he is super proud to show his art work off though. he loves Baloo (our dog) so, so much and always makes sure he gets lots of walks...if he wants to or not ;) "take Baba walk, get leash" he says and off we go. anytime we go out and leave Baloo home, Pax makes sure Baloo goes in his dog bed which he calls a teepee (it's closed up shaped like an egg) and then he says "sorry Baba, sorry sorry" because we can't take him. :D whenever he has something new he always says "show Baba" and then he forces him to look at his booboos, new shoes, paintings, toys ... you name it lol! when he plays in his room he calls for him because he likes when he's around! they're really sweet together!

matching pajamas + slippers:   hanna andersson , bedding:  june & january

matching pajamas + slippers:  hanna andersson, bedding: june & january

pax is really good at matching games, he does any sort of shape puzzles quickly... i yet have to try a real puzzle with him! he knows pretty much all colors but often forgets red for some reason. I have heard him count to 10 by himself a total of three times but he will never ever do it when i ask him to. every single time he did it he was deep in thought and not interacting with me haha. he is great at building towers. he loves making pretend food and taking care of his baby. he memorizes books super easily even when we just borrow them from the library and can always finish the last sentence. he does not like riding his bike yet and just recently started getting more interested in his scooter. he prefers walking...or rather running over being put in the stroller. he is still very into sports. basketball and soccer are his favorites and he is actually really good at soccer :O ... he can pass super precise and handle the ball well, i can't wait to sign him up for a soccer class!

vest:  nununu , pants:  jax & hedley

vest: nununu, pants: jax & hedley

while he was a great eater when he was younger he's really not a good eater at the moment. i would say he likes fruit and bread and cookies the most but its hard getting anything else into him. oh how could i forget - s a u s a g e s - he could live off sausages! he's not really into pasta, he won't eat potatoes... he does prefer rice and sometimes he's into pizza. i sure hope he will get more into foods again! 

bomber jacket, shirt, jeans:  haus of jr , shoes:  akid brand

bomber jacket, shirt, jeans: haus of jr, shoes: akid brand

at the moment he is very possessive about things "mine, mine, mine" all day long. he is nice and will share when he has been asked nicely or if someone is sad :) but he has certain favorites that he will never share not even with me :O! he loves playing with dada as soon as he gets home from work. they play rough and he acts as if its the most fun he had all day. Pax likes going into stores, except the grocery store and lately has found the greatest fun in running away from me while laughing so hard that he keeps falling from laughing.. which is a good thing because he gets extremely fast these days and if he wouldn't be loud and falling i would've probably already lost him in target.

shirt + jeans:  beau hudson , shoes: vans

shirt + jeans: beau hudson, shoes: vans

at night he's quite the pain lately...instead of going to bed nicely he finds a million excuses not to sleep such as "need drink", "need car", "need socks", "need tissue" ... bed time drags out these days and i'm not liking it! i miss the days when i would just put him in the crib and he'd go to sleep on his own without requests. he also started waking up once a night again for no particular reason, he just wakes up and dada has to put him back down. he does not like sleeping in our bed and if we ever try he just rolls around. while he's potty trained (since he was 18months) he still wears diapers at night. i'm thinking about stopping that when our current diaper supply runs out but not sure.

shirt: burberry

shirt: burberry

ok that was a whole lot about pax and i doubt anyone will read all this or find it very interesting lol but needed to jot down a few of his milestones before he turns *2* i will probably remember more things after posting haha but i guess i'll just save them for another post!:)

thanks for reading!