oh happy day!

Pax turned two! he wasn't really able to enjoy his actual birthday because he woke up with 103.1 fever and we had to take him to the doctor later on. she tested for ear infection, strep throat and the flu :( all on his birthday! not fun!! he didn't have either, so just some virus but they want to do a chest x ray because of his constant coughing that i yet have to take him to. often i just feel like he doesn't need one and then he coughs super bad at night and i think to myself maybe he actually does. so anyways we didn't do much on his birthday because unfortunately he wasn't feeling great.

we just had his birthday party though and he had a blast!! i was so happy he got to enjoy himself so much even though he's still not over his cough and cold. because Paxton loves animals so much and we would've loved to do a party at a farm, we decided to bring the farm to us! turns out there are a lot of companies that drive around with a mini petting zoo. for his party i really didn't plan on doing a whole lot of decoration so i just did a few things to bring the farm feel into our place thanks to pintrest ideas!

i had told Pax that farm animals would come to his birthday party so the minute they arrived he wanted them all out of their cages, he was so excited. it was so sweet and i knew i chose the right theme for his little party. the farm brought 2 itty bitty baby piggies that were about the same size as the bunnies they brought! they also brought the littlest baby ducklings and a little older baby chicks that didn't look as cute because they were already growing real feathers and they were learning how to fly so they were rather wild. last but not least they brought two not so little goats, one of their names was Billy!:D 

Pax was so thrilled to have them at his house "wow goat!", he needed to show the bunny his room and we brought a pig on our bed in an attempt to take some pictures but I gave up on that quickly. he was super gentle petting all of them and he inspected the bunny thoroughly and pointed out his eyes and nose and ears to me. he even unfolded its ear crease to check it out and the bunny was the best! so calm! the ducklings were so adorable and tiny! there was one black one that Pax requested to see. Again, it was THE best! I loved seeing how much he was into it! Baloo had to rest in the bedroom because while he was fine with bunnies, ducks and pigs, the goats apparently freaked him out.

Pax had no bite of his birthday cake but ice cream instead :) He did not like us singing the happy birthday song but he's super into blowing out candles and he doesn't even spit while doing it!:D we literally did not get any good pics during his party at all...which means we had too much fun:) feel free to go through this slide of snapshots though!:)

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes on insta!!! You guys are the best!



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