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first of, thank you so, so much for visiting my page (it'll be a work in progress)! i've been contemplating to start a blog for the longest time, way before Pax was born, and finally decided to give it a shot. i yet have to figure out what my blog will be all about but you can most likely expect lots of Pax stories, kids fashion, product reviews and diy projects because those i'll gladly share! you will not find any cooking recipes on here ever because i don't cook. ever. (no worries Pax is being fed) if it wasn't for my husband, Sterling, i would've starved to death by now. thank god he's a good cook ;p

here's a little about myself.. first of, i'm Larissa, mom to Pax, our pomeranian Baloo, stepmom to our pomeranian, Kobe, who decided to move out (that's another story) and wife to Sterling. i'm originally from berlin, germany (use this as excuse for any english language mistake i make). my whole family is in germany. i came over here as an au pair (it's like a live in nanny exchange program) when i was 19 because i really wanted to stay in the US for a while and that was simply the easiest way to do so. i was supposed to stay for a year. i lived with a wonderful family that's very dear to my heart and instead of staying for one year i stayed for three, started studying (marketing), met sterling, got engaged and eventually married and stayed forever. it was not planned but worked out quite nicely...if only my whole family would decide to move over as well! i have three younger siblings that would all make great aunts and uncles to Pax if they were only available to babysit. :D

i speak german to Pax... not as much as i should but i'm trying! for some reason it's weird to me to speak german with him in public and i keep switching back to english. i just have to get over it and speak german non stop because i really want him to learn it. he will repeat anything i say in german but anything he says on his own is in english. Sterling speaks haitian creole to him so he is bombarded with three different languages. Sterling moved to the US when he was 16! despite all the languages Pax does speak a ton which is great because i always heard that kids that grow up learning several languages start talking later. not Pax, he has always been very talkative! so fun! he clearly said "hi" back when he was just two months old!!... i somehow trailed off the subject and ended up talking about Pax. what's new lol ...he's the center of attention here anyways so it was only a matter of time he would interrupt!;)

Pax, we love him so very much! he literally rules our world! i didn't want a baby for the longest because i was so scared of giving birth. Once we decided to have a baby it wasn't happening easily and when we were about to give up, i got pregnant. i think i will save this story for another post but we had Paxton's name set long before we knew we had a boy and even before we got pregnant. i never had a girl's name so i guess i was destined to have this little guy! only thing is, everyone thinks he's a girl haha. yes i agree sometimes he's dressed rather girly but don't forget i'm european so not everything you see as girly is super girly to me. also i tried many different styles and people think he's a girl no matter what. it's funny to me because i don't see it, but if you'd walk around with us you would notice that 80% (used to be 99.9% before his haircut) of people believe he's a girl. we don't mind it's a great compliment in our opinion lol.

Please subscribe to my blog on top of this page, so you don't miss out on new posts. the reason i really would love for you to subscribe is, so that i know i'm not talking to myself on here lol. feel free to leave comments on anything you'd like me to write about as well. oh and btw that address that shows up when subscribing is obviously not our real address but they forced me to leave one. just fyi you won't find us over there :D! 

thank you!!


photo by A. Rambaud

photo by A. Rambaud

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