hi guys!!

Pax is a total mama's boy but he loves, loves, loves playing wild with his papa! he can't wait for him to get home after work and doesn't waste anytime when he does. immediately he demands him in his room "dada come play in Pax room" followed by "come on dada" if he doesn't react immediately and then it's time for his little basketball routine. he barely ever plays basketball with me, he rather waits for dada because he's much more fun. he commentates on all of Pax's moves "Paxton Beau has the ball, he dribbles, 360 and DUNK" and Pax requests "play defense" and so he does and they play until it's bedtime. He loves having me in the room though to cheer him on and Baloo (our dog) needs to be locked in the room as well, if he wants to or not, he has no choice lol. Pax likes making sure we are all together. 

whenever Sterling doesn't have to work we love finding and taking Pax to fun places because he's so appreciative, happy and excited, it's really fun. The other day we took him to the most fun farm around and he had a blast! they've build the cutest little wooden houses for the kids to play in that are elevated and connect to a tunnel slide that Pax gets the biggest thrill from. i'm kinda scared of the slide so its perfect for dada. :D they probably slide down it 25 times per visit, that's how much he loves it! 

see my husband's face?! that's why i don't like the slide hahaha

see my husband's face?! that's why i don't like the slide hahaha

they've huge tires that kids can walk/roll in, a bunch of cute tire swings in shape of horses, tractor rides, pig races (we yet have to see one) and a ton of little stands where you can get roasted marshmallows and the usual farm stuff. they also have the most fun and huge bouncing pillows that serve perfectly as a work out!:) we had SO much fun on these but i can imagine it being crazy on a busy day (i can see kids flying off and bouncing into each other lol). that particular day we had it almost to ourselves though. it was awesome.

and then there's this big play area with tricycles, slides, water pumps, hay stacks, a mini maze aaand TRUCKS. he could play in this sandbox full of trucks literally all day long!

how cute is this baby maze?! he loved running back and forth through it

how cute is this baby maze?! he loved running back and forth through it

wouldn't be a farm without animals! they've bunnies, ducklings, chicks, goats, sheep, donkeys and pigs. Pax of course loved seeing them all but he is somewhat scared of farm animals, yet he doesn't want to leave them. it's a weird mix lol. he likes to just communicate with them "baaa"! this time he was brave enough to touch the goats though. 

anyways, I just wanted to share all of these cute pics and what we like to do as a family! you can tell he loves spending some good quality time with papa but when it comes down to it i'm still his favorite :D hahaha and whenever Pax shows that Sterling warns him that there will be another baby sometime. :D