hi guys!

sorry it's been so quiet around here! it's partly due to the fact that i was a little lazy, and a little busy and Pax a little (actually a  v e r y) sick! let me see where we left off... christmas! ha! feels like so long ago now! 

christmas. Pax woke up sick unfortunately. i wasn't really sure if it was anything serious or just a cold because he had times of being just happy and other times he was pretty miserable. we celebrated a really nice christmas with friends and had  a m a z i n g  food but Pax got a fever as the day progressed and was diagnosed with an ear infection a day later. :( poor thing.. he still had some fun though. he was on antibiotics for the rest of the year 2016 and by the time it was new years I had food poisoned myself and celebrated the new year by sleeping for 20 hours straight! lol! luckily my husband took good care of Pax so i had nothing to worry about. he actually thought i was faking it at some point so he went to come check on me thinking i'd be on my phone doing instagram but when he found me still sleeping he believed it was serious! luckily i was back to my old self 48 hours later!

january. Pax continued feeling miserable in january and it turned out he got another ear infection while being on antibiotics so he went on different antibiotics. he basically was on antibiotics until the middle of january! i celebrated my birthday in between! no, just kidding, i didn't at all. hmm trying to think what else happened in january! oh! Pax got to shoot for Oeuf NYC's AW17 collection with photographer Molly Magnuson (thanks for being awesome!!) during a crazy snowstorm which was fun!:D it was actually amazing he wasn't sick for that but he did end up catching another ear infection a few days later and was on more antibiotics for the rest of the month!

february. Pax finished off his antibiotics for his 100th ear infection just to end up with strep throat about ten days later! yes i was ready to shoot myself. one random day i had nothing better to do than taking him for the doctors because he had a little rash on his legs. i didn't think anything off it! some might remember my insta story on this! ...maybe ill just post it here... but we went in and it turned out he had strep! i just wanted to cry i felt s o  bad for him!! a few days later we went to playtime in new york which was amazing! so much fun! but it deserves it's own post that i will finish up as soon as i have some more pictures! after playtime Pax got to shoot for

Kodomo's new look book with amazing photographer Jose Carlier and guess what happened a couple days later? he got diagnosed with a new case of strep throat!

Pax wearing bobo choses for  Kodomo . shot by  Jose Carlier

Pax wearing bobo choses for Kodomo. shot by Jose Carlier

...yes this bring us to today. still finishing up his meds and i'm praying, praying this is it for the year! i mean seriously it's only the beginning of march! i currently have him on probiotics twice a day in case anyone is concerned... hoping this will help him out a little! fingers crossed! any tips are appreciated!! you can leave comments on top of the posts ... i know very confusing i can't figure out how to get them under the actual post... but if you're commenting under this post you are actually commenting on my last post! ha! confused yet?!:D if anyone can help out with that issue you may comment on that (on top) as well lol!

anyways... i have a lot of stuff coming up like in interview with Kelli from Rylee + Cru and i am also  contributing monthly to Junior Style London from now on so keep your eyes peeled! i'm excited!! 

thanks for catching up with me! i promise you won't have to wait for three months for my next post but i bet you can understand why i haven't posted much... at least i kept up my insta!:)

till next time!